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Welcom to "Mercato Italia Web", a portal created to promote art, culture, tourism and commerce of Italy in the world, with translation service. On this site you will find deals on Hotels, Residence, Cottage, B & B, Restaurant, Resort and other equipment for every holiday desire or need to stay in Italy."mercato Italia Web" is also an online marketplace designed for those who want to sell or buy italian products. The entry in the market will offer cars, motorcycles, jewlry, furniture, ceramics, food products (olive oil, wine, salami)and much more.
Some of our exhibitors have joined the "safe trade", in which, after having been identified wioth a valid document, in the case of his order, will ship the goods directly at his home by courier on delivery, guaranteeing the delivery and the quality of the product.
To enter in the site click on the sentence:
"Per entrare nel Mercato clicca qui".
Will result in a green vertical menu with various categories and after you have clicked on the category that interests you will see a list of exhibitors and their suppliers in the area. If you want to get in touch with them or in trouble with the italian language, you can send an email directly to the supplier in your language of origin, as the cost of all translation will be borne by the supplier.
We thank you for your attention, wish you a good visit on our portal.
Regards the direction of the "Mercato Italia Web".